With newsletters each month, and chances to network with other community 
and business members. The Terrace Chamber is your place to get information
with what's happening in our community. Guest speakers at luncheons, 
updates from event sponsors, even through our social media - we work to
keep you informed.

Through sponsorship recognition, creating a prominent, enhanced 
presence in our Member Directory, 
being recognized as 
Chamber Member of the Year, or by hosting an open house, 
the Terrace Chamber 
will help showcase your business and 
stand out in the crowd.

The Terrace Chamber provides its members a multitude of events for you
to participate in and connect with others in our business community. 
Small luncheons, discounts for booths at the Business Expo
(over 2,000 visitors!), and e-communications are all designed
for you to broaden your network.

Monthly Newsletters, discounted prices on Email Blasts, and space on 
the Terrace Chamber website homepage - all opportunities exclusively for 
Chamber members. Advertisements with us reach the entire membership, 
and beyond. We know it can be tough to get the word out - let us help.

 By investing in and sponsoring one or more of our (many!) 
events, your business is showcased in a variety of ways. 
Sponsorship demonstrates your dedication and passion for a 
successful and vibrant community