Policy, Advocacy, Recommendations to Government ... whatever you call it, it's what we're here to do.

Among benefits, networking, and events, one of the key functions of the Terrace Chamber is in policy work. Every year at the BC Chamber AGM & Conference, held in May, Chambers from across the province gather to work and share information on many topics.

The main focus during this time is policy review, debate and approval. Existing policies are reviewed as they come up for renewal; new policies are created by Chambers who are driven by issues that are relevant to their communities or regions. This process takes place over two days and covers dozens of issuesOnce these policies are approved they are submitted to both the Provincial and Federal Governments, and are also called to the attention of Cabinet Ministers that the policy pertains to.

These policies become the voice that we use when we are advocating and lobbying governments on behalf of Chamber members. Each year the Terrace Chamber submits at least one policy to help make business better, easier, cheaper, or more efficient in Terrace, the Northwest Region, or BC as a whole. We encourage the business community to be involved - what's keeping you awake at night as you think about your business or organization? What red tape do you really struggle with? What solutions can we recommend to government to make doing business easier? Let us know. Policy review begins in February, to review current and expiring policies and discuss current issues and concerns in the area where new policies could be drafted.
Click HERE to view the 2016-2017 BC Chamber Policy & Positions Manual
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