The Terrace & District Chamber of Commerce receives no outside or government funding. The dues paid by the membership is one of the Terrace Chamber's most significant and important revenue streams. These dues allow the Terrace Chamber to continue to work on behalf of the business community. And for that, we thank you! 


Existing Terrace Chamber members are invoiced in January each year for the full year's dues. Dues are expected to be paid within 60 days or the membership is cancelled. Benefits, including receiving emails from the Terrace Chamber, are reserved for Members in Good Standing only (membership fully paid to date).


New Terrace Chamber members are invoiced for the remainder of the year; rates are pro-rated as the year goes on. In January of the next year, the "new" member becomes an "existing" member and is invoiced for the full upcoming year. 


At the June 1999 Terrace Chamber AGM, a motion was passed [Doug McLeod / Sharalyn Palagian] that “the Terrace & District Chamber of Commerce institute a $20.00 levy on membership dues effective August 1, 1999; and that this levy be sent to Terrace Economic Development Authority (TEDA) to fund their operations”. TEDA is now Terrace Business Resource Centre (TBRC) and the Terrace Chamber still supports their work through this Levy.