On April 25th, 1927 the entrepreneurial spirit of Terrace started when a group of local merchants applied for, and were granted, Certification in the Canadian Board of Trade.  Today, the Terrace & District Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to the same philosophy and enthusiasm as the founding directors generated nearly 90 years ago.


Our mission today is to be the Voice of Business committed to the growth and enhancement of the economic development of 
Terrace, Thornhill, and surrounding area.


The Terrace Chamber today still works to be the voice of business; through advocacy to local government, and working with the BC and Canadian Chambers to make recommendations to provincial and federal governments. But alongside this mission, the Terrace Chamber provides benefits, networking opportunities, and knowledge sharing for its members.


The Terrace Chamber constantly strives to be relevant, dynamic, and vital to the businesses community of Terrace and surrounding area.


List of Names on the Application for Registration (right)

J.K. Gordon, hotelkeeper
L.G. Skinner, merchant
O.T. Sundal, merchant
L.H. Kinney, merchant
Wm. C. Sparkes, merchant
T.M. Turner, miner
E.T. Kenney, merchant
A.H. Barker, bank manager
F. Nash, BC land surveyor
W.R. Lindsay, merchant
Chas. H. Thomas, farmer
H.S. Frank, farmer
W.A. Kirkpatrick, carpenter
Geo. Dover, bookkeeper
W.H. Burnett, Ford dealer
R.W. Clayton, baker and confectioner
Jos. McLaren, fire ranger
R.W. Riley, druggist
Wm. E. Smith, transfer
Jas. Richmond, merchant
S. Kirkaldy, asst. postmaster
J.C. Bowen-Colthurst, farmer
H.M. Willson, contractor
K. Olson, farmer
Thos. J. Marsh, farmer and ex "sky-pilot"
A.W. Robinson, clergyman
H.A. Swain, farmer
F. Nightwine, transfer
William Allan, clergyman
John Willman, civil engineer



List of Presidents of the Terrace & District Chamber of Commerce

Prior to 1960

Bud McColl
  Duncan Kerr

Herb Spencer

  Tom Rose

Dud Little

  Jim Norrington

Will Robinson

  Jim Smith



Cedric Telford


Sharon Taylor

Larry Pruden


1962 Don Steele 1993/94 John Evans
1963 Bob Elkin 1994/95

Barb Kerr


Fred Weber


Skip Bates

1965 Bob Cristi 1996/97 Sharalyn Palagian
1966 Vaughn Smith 1997/98 Leona Klein
1967 Willy Schneider 1998/99 Doug Barrett
1968 Frank Skidmore 1999/00 Justin Rigsby
1969 Pat Boyle 2000/01 Betty Barton
1970 Stan Patterson 2001/02 Sheila Love
1971 Jim MacKay 2002/03 Sheila Love
1972 Bruce Carruthers   2003/04 vacant
1973 Rich Green 2004/05 Bert Husband
1974 Wayne Gaunt 2005/06 Kevin Jeffery
1975 Randy Giddings 2006/07 Glenn Kelly
1976 Ted Taylor 2007 Dave Pernarowski
1977 Mike Tindall 2007/08 Rod Cox

Rod Cox


Bert Husband
1979 vacant 2009/2010   Coleen Taylor
1980/81   Juanita Hatton 2010/11 Coleen Taylor
1981/82 Hugh Hepburn 2011/12 Janice Paulitschke
1982/83 Chris Poole 2012/13 Janice Shaben 
1983/84 Terry Morris 2013/14 Janice Shaben 
1984/85 Judy Jephson 2014/15 Janice Shaben 
1985/86 Doug McLeod 2015/16 Val Gauvin
1986/87 Doug McLeod 2016/17 Val Gauvin
1987/88 Bruce Graydon 2017/18  Loralie Thomson
1988/89 Dick Sharples    
1989/90 Bob Park    

Doug Smith